Back issues of the Society magazine: 50 to 59

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The July 2019 edition of The Bounty includes:
  • Latest Developments on Pitcairn
  • HGK Update
  • George Allen and the Yankee
  • Historic Animal Industry on Norfolk Island
  • Communications: A Surprise Visit by HMS Montrose
  • How I collect Pitcairn Island Postage Stamps
  • Heiva Te TÅ«puna Vahine Bounty - a musical tribute to the Tahitian women of the HMAV Bounty
  • Old Government House in Parramatta, New South Wales
  • Herding Cats on Pitcairn Island
  • Vice-Admiral William Bligh's last London home
  • New stamp issues from Pitcairn and Norfolk
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The January 2019 edition of The Bounty includes:
  • Ducie Island Forgery
  • The Norfolk Cats
  • Pitcairn Benefactors, part 4 – Samuel Chenery Damon
  • Norfolk Island 1970 Mystery Cover
  • A look at a 1937 voyage of the New Zealand Shipping Company's Rangitata
  • An exhibition of old photos in the public hall on Pitcairn Island
  • The Harrison and Sons Specimen Stamps
  • A July 1959 letter from Roy Clark with photographs
  • The Bounty Rudder
  • New stamp issues from Norfolk and Pitcairn
  • Obituary – Madge Darby, BA (1927-2018)
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The July 2018 edition of The Bounty includes:
  • Follow up to Norfolk Island Guns
  • "Missing" Bounty cannon found in Scotland
  • Letter from Pitcairn – Brian Altchuler's second visit to the island
  • Cruise Ships visiting Pitcairn, part 1
  • Maurice Allward's Bounty Model Delivered to Pitcairn
  • Sydney's first Government House where William Bligh spent over two years
  • Pitcairn Island's related Historical Cigarette Cards on the Mutiny on the Bounty
  • A May 1957 letter from Roy Clark with photographs
  • The Pitcairn Islands Presentation Folder 1947
  • New stamp issues from Norfolk and Pitcairn
  • The Bounty's Launch, painted by A. Richard Mansir
  • Obituary – Jennifer Toombs (1940-2018)
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The January 2018 edition of The Bounty includes:
  • Yes, you could move to Pitcairn
  • Panama Canal Postcards published by David Aldersley
  • Pitcairn Benefactors, part 3 – Rear-Admiral Sir Fairfax Moresby
  • 1961 Pitcairn Island Photographs
  • A Legacy of Infamy – a look at some of Fletcher Christian's ancestors
  • Pitcairn Handicrafts – Turtle by Wiles Robinson Warren
  • Finding my Family on Pitcairn, by Mike Warren
  • A children's playground? The Pitcairn community arrives on Norfolk Island
  • Lord Byron's Bounty Saga Fantasy
  • Mathew Folger's Tombstone in Massillon, Ohio
  • Norfolk Island Guns
  • New stamp issues from Norfolk and Pitcairn
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The July 2017 edition of The Bounty includes:
  • The Pirates – 1790 Theatre Poster
  • Captain William Bligh and the West Indies
  • Vintage Pitcairn Postcard
  • Norfolk Island Aviation
  • K1 at Norfolk Island, and K2 at Pitcairn
  • Communications – Condor is Missing
  • 200th Anniversary of the Death of William Bligh (artwork by Jennifer Toombs)
  • New stamp issues from Norfolk and Pitcairn
  • Meet the member – David Ransom
  • The world has polluted Henderson Island
  • Obituary – Cyril (Cy) Kitching
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The January 2017 edition of The Bounty includes:
  • Steven Dews Bounty painting sells for £12,500
  • Wooden fragment from the wreck of the Bounty sold for $11,250
  • Get away to Pitcairn (documentary film making on the island)
  • Pitcairn Benefactors, part 2 – Rev. William Armstrong and the Valparaiso Chaplaincy
  • Pitcairn postcards published in Chile, c.1911
  • Rare photographs of Pitcairn kept at The Bishop Museum, Hawaii
  • Was this a Royal Romance? (The Queen Mother and Charles Nobbs)
  • Tanker Call at Pitcairn (MV British Mallard in May 1962
  • Meet the Member – Erik J. Wright
  • Rangitane and Pitcairn Aviation (letter to the Editor)
  • The Mysterious Voyage of the Mercury
  • Artwork by Jennifer Toombs
  • New stamp issues from Norfolk and Pitcairn
  • DNA Testing the Pigtails – an update
  • Norfolk Island: The Penal System – 1839 plan of Kingston settlement
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This was the first edition of The Bounty
The July 2016 edition of The Bounty includes:
  • Henderson Island forgery
  • New HQ for Pitcairn Islands Study Centre in California
  • Early photographs and new postcards
  • Who was F. J. Tattle of Norfolk Island?
  • Meet the member – Nigel Webster
  • Memories of Norfolk Island
  • Communications – Pacific Bridge
  • Roy Palmer Clark special Pitcairn cachet cover
  • Another Distant Connection to Pitcairn Island – Pitcairn Aviation
  • Floyd McCoy's Photography
  • James Norman Hall's Voyage to Pitcairn Island
  • New stamp issues from Norfolk and Pitcairn
  • Rangitane calls at Pitcairn. But what was the year?
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The January 2016 edition of The UK Log includes:
  • Meet the member – Tony Williams
  • Retouched HGK postcard
  • Meet the member – Siew Wai Ng
  • What's in a name? – Place names on Pitcairn
  • Pitcairn Benefactors, part 1 – Russell Eliott R.N.
  • Discovery of Alexander Pitcairn's Mausoleum after over 200 years
  • Book Review – Bad Hand by Paula Astridge
  • William Blighs in the movies
  • New evidence on the death of Captain Cook
  • Extracts from a 1927 letter from Pitcairn (written by Lincoln Clark, postmaster Roy Clark's father)
  • Television's Romance with the Bounty Saga
  • New stamp issues from Norfolk and Pitcairn
  • Follow-up – Theodore Chouproff
  • Admiral Byrd's visit to Pitcairn Island, 13th December 1939
  • Obituaries – Ken Baldwin and Roger Bedingfield
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The July 2015 edition of The UK Log includes:
  • Bligh portrait sold
  • Communications: Tedside – the alternative harbour
  • Pitcairn Island photographs from March 1984
  • William Bligh's Visit to St Helena
  • The Wreck of the Sirius on Norfolk Island
  • Well travelled Pitcairn Island related rare cover (Theodore Chouproff)
  • A Distant Connection to Pitcairn Island: Robert Pitcairn & Pitcairn Pennsylvania
  • Book Review: Atolls of the Sun
  • New stamp issues from Norfolk and Pitcairn
  • Pitcairn Islands' Marine Protection Area is world's single largest!
  • A Visitor from Pitcairn Island: George Hunn Nobbs visits England in 1852
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The January 2015 edition of The UK Log includes:
  • A family history project to place your ancestors in history
  • Communications: Working up for Bounty Bay, part 20
  • Pitcairn Yesteryears: Rosalind Young visits the USA, 1896
  • Bligh Museum of Pacific Exploration, part 2
  • 1941 Pitcairn maritime cover of S.S. Atenas
  • Historic headstones of Norfolk Island
  • The Women of Pitcairn (on a 1916 postcard)
  • Who Really Burned Bounty?
  • A Remembrance of Nessy Heywood (Peter Heywood's sister)
  • Pitcairn Island photographs from March 1984
  • HGK Research Update
  • Roy Palmer Clark Timeline
  • New stamp issues from Norfolk and Pitcairn
  • Internet Auctions: some facts and figures
  • A listing of Missionaries and Resident Pastors of the Pitcairn Island Seventh-day Adventist Church, 1886 to 2013