The P.N.I. Archive

The Pitcairn & Norfolk Islands Society Archive is available to all fully paid members, subject to the rules listed on this page.
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Rules for the Administration of the Pitcairn and Norfolk Islands Society Archive Library

1. The archive service is available only to fully paid up members of the PNI.

2. Archived material of a significant valuable or delicate nature may only be made available to eligible members at the sole discretion of the archive administrator.

3. All archive material borrowed by eligible members, other than photocopied material, is the property of the PNI archive service at all times. It is loaned to eligible members for a maximum period of 45 days from the date of postage unless otherwise agreed with the archive administrator.

4. The borrower will be held fully responsible for all material in their possession and will be expected to replace or make suitable restitution for all material lost or damaged while in their possession. If the archived material is received in a damaged condition the borrower should advise the archive administrator immediately upon receipt.

5. The borrower must pay return postal charges and must package the archived material securely to ensure it is returned in good condition. Archived material should be returned by a secure and reliable method and if of any significant value it must be insured. The archive administrator will advise the borrower of this fact at the time of the borrow.

6. Rental charges for eligible members borrowing archived material, other than for photocopies,will be £5.00 per item to exclude postage and packaging and insurance where applicable, which will be charged at cost.

7. If the material is not returned within the stipulated agreed time then an outstanding charge of £0.30 pence per day will be levied. Any extension of the agreed rental period must me made in writing to the archive administrator who shall have sole discretion whether to permit such an extension and any extension required must be made at the expiry of the stipulated agreed rental period. If this is not done and the borrower has still not returned the material after 60 days then this will result in the borrower having to pay the replacement cost, such cost being determined by the archive administrator. The eligible member concerned will then become responsible for prompt settlement. If settlement is not received then the borrower’s library privileges will be suspended and the borrowers membership open to question.

8. Photocopies of archived material capable of being photocopied may be obtained for £0.30 pence per page plus appropriate postage and packing at cost. Photocopies will be in black and white unless coloured copies are requested of any coloured pages. Cost per coloured copy will be £3.00 per page. Photocopies will be shipped at buyers risk unless insurance is specifically requested by the borrower. Payment must be made to the archive administrator within 30 days.

In order that the PNI archive library may continue to grow and flourish, members should, wherever possible, consider donating any surplus appropriate material they may have to the library. The archive service will only be as successful as members are prepared to make it.

January 2018