Back issues of the Society magazine: 20 to 29

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The January 2005 edition of The UK Log includes:
  • Eric W. Were – the traces of his Pitcairn photographs
  • History Snippet: Captain Jones of the Corinthic – Nov 1957
  • 1899 Letter from Rosalind Amelia Young
  • Communications: Working up for Bounty Bay, part 10
  • Captain Henry Roberts
  • New Pitcairn stamp issues
  • Greetings from the Pacific Princess
  • Obituary: Eric Waldock
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The July 2004 edition of The UK Log includes:
  • Fascinating old photographs seen on eBay (Miss Young and Miss Adams)
  • Praise for Dennis Christian Bounty model
  • Recovering the Bounty Anchor
  • Jennifer Toombs' Pitcairn Memories
  • New Pitcairn stamp issues
  • Communications: Expeditions, part one
  • Few genetic problems on Pitcairn
  • History Snippet: World War 2 – Nelson Dyett on Pitcairn, The First Coast Watcher
  • Maurice Allward's Bounty model "Day of Mutiny"
  • Tribute to Edward Christian
  • An Open Letter to All Ships' Passengers
  • Royal Visit first day cover
  • More Bliss Correspondence
  • The Pitcairn Postcard Page
  • Alta Christian of Pitcairn
  • Murder on Pitcairn?
  • Tanker call at Pitcairn c.1948
  • Dive Compressor Delivered to Pitcairn
  • Goodbye to Thursday's House
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The January 2004 edition of The UK Log includes:
  • Jennifer Toombs' Pitcairn Memories
  • Book review: The Teatime Islands by Ben Fogle
  • Book review: HGK's Pitcairn Time Capsule
  • Communications: Working up for Bounty Bay, part 9
  • Pitcairn Cover with a Story: Fiji/Pitcairn World War II Cover (1943)
  • Pitcairn Cover with a Story: To Harry Wright, c/o The American Consulate in Cape Town (1937)
  • Follow up: Nobbs in London, St Dunstan's Parish Church, Stepney
  • The Tall ship Bounty
  • Stamp Errors
  • The Discovery of John Fryer's Grave
  • John Fryer and Wells-Next-The-Sea – a walking guide
  • Our Mann on Man
  • Bliss Correspondence
  • New Pitcairn stamp issues
  • Book review: Inside the Pitcairn Island Family by Julius Grigore, Jr
  • History Snippet: Before World War Two, a Roy Clark dated November 1936, predicting war between Japan and the USA
  • History Snippet: During World War Two. How the Pitcairners Helped Britain
  • The Great Liners – the story behind the making of the video series
  • About Thomas Denman Ledward
  • Lt. John Hallett: A follow up to the article in the July 2003 edition of this magazine
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The July 2003 edition of The UK Log includes:
  • Pitcairn Cover with a Story: 1939 North Star Admiral Byrd Cover
  • Interesting items from the Internet auctions
  • Cook's Bounty Men, part two: Joseph Coleman and David Nelson
  • Karl Lewis hand-painted covers and cards
  • Communications: 'Dropping in' on Pitcairn
  • Pitcairn Island Visit
  • Burning of the Bounty – how the anniversary is celebrated
  • Musings: New Zealand Postal Agency Period Cancel Forgery?
  • Interview with Caroline Alexander, author of 'The Bounty – The True Story of the Mutiny on the Bounty'
  • Book review: Morrison of the Bounty, by James Shaw Grant
  • New Pitcairn stamp issues
  • Follow up: Captions to 1970s Pitcairn photographs which appeared in the January 2003 edition of this magazine
  • The Several Deaths of John Hallet
  • Follow Up: Pandora Inn
  • Bronze-Silver Medal in the Literature class awarded to The UK Log at Chester 2002 National Stamp Exhibition
  • Obituary: John Edmunds
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The January 2003 edition of The UK Log includes:
  • "The Bounty" Re-experienced
  • Inverted Overprint Found (SG MS 314)
  • Cook's Bounty Men, part one: William Peckover
  • Follow Up: Archive photos in UK Log, July 2002 – Islanders named
  • Bounty Day 202
  • Breadfruit Scrapbook
  • Message from Pitcairn: Mike and Brenda Lupton Christian
  • Fascinating, valuable, early letter from Robert Buffet, Pitcairn Chief Magistrate, written in the 1870s
  • The Crown and Sceptre Inn, Greenwich
  • 'HMS' Bounty at Dunkirk
  • New Pitcairn stamp issues
  • Communications: Working up for Bounty Bay, part 8
  • Would you like to go to Pitcairn aboard the Bounty?
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The July 2002 edition of The UK Log includes:
  • Matthew Quintal – "the outstanding 'heavy' in the Pitcairn cast"
  • The Padstow Mutineer
  • The Voyage of the Swallow (1766-1769), and the discovery of Pitcairn Island
  • The Pitcairn Islanders, from 'The Friend', May 1834
  • Famous House sold for £1 – Blaydes House, Hull, former home of Benjamin Blaydes, who commissioned the building of the Bethia (later named the Bounty)
  • Pitcairn Landing Stage – Roy Clark's 1962 photographs
  • Adams signature
  • The Internet and eMail set up on Pitcairn
  • Pandora
  • New Zealand Links
  • Square Rigger Days (1938)
  • New Pitcairn stamp issues
  • Follow Up: Captain Edward Edwards of the Pandora
  • Multiple Franking Dates, part two
  • Communications: Pitcairn's Postal Services
  • Book review: Pitcairn Island, by David Silverman
  • CD review: Bounty CD set, the story of the mutiny both as a narrative and in song
  • Regurgitating Some Old Myths
  • "The Bounty Grave" – Tower Hamlets
  • The Rangitoto's call at Pitcairn, Boxing Day 1951
  • Norfolk Notes
  • Yes, it was a flood! (Pitcairn Radio Cover at The Stamp Shop)
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The January 2002 edition of The UK Log includes:
  • April Fools headlines about Fletcher Christian!
  • Pitcairn Errors and Varieties, part 3
  • The Eden Project, Cornwall
  • Islanders Identified (in a 1966 photograph)
  • Miniature Works of Art (the Amateur Radio stamp designs of Jennifer Toombs)
  • John Adams' Prayer (original hand written document)
  • The Pandora Inn, Cornwall
  • Multiple Franking Dates
  • New Pitcairn stamp issues
  • Pitcairn Cover with a Story (1944 Censored Cover)
  • Pronouncing Polynesian
  • Book review: Shipwrecked on Pitcairn – the diary of Bob Hearn
  • Book review: Royal Naval Biography of Peter Heywood by John Marshall
  • Communications: Working up for Bounty Bay, part 7
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The July 2001 edition of The UK Log includes:
  • Communications: Islands Passage
  • The Norfolk Experience
  • Losses in the Pandora
  • Book review: The Morrison Myth by H.S. Montgomerie
  • Book review: The Voyage of HMS Herald, by Andrew David
  • Two interesting books from Cornwall: Pandora Inn (novel) by Lliam West; To Brave Every Danger (the epic life of Mary Bryant of Fowey) by Judith Cook
  • The Adams Family
  • Vintage views of Pitcairn
  • The Bounty, her crew and their discoveries
  • In the wake of the Bounty: England to Tenerife
  • Purchased on eBay (some rare items)
  • Volk Ground Pitcairn Island
  • Miniature Works of Art (Jennifer Toombs 1969 Pitcairn Definitives)
  • I Raced Against Pitcairn (in another longboat)
  • New Pitcairn stamp issues
  • Obituary: Jim Russell
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The January 2001 edition of The UK Log includes:
  • Book review: Sir Joseph Banks and the transfer of plants to and from the South Pacific. 1786-1798. By Alan Frost
  • Pitcairn Island – Refuge of the Bounty Mutineers. By Maurice Allward
  • Musings: An inquiring viewpoint on Pitcairn philately
  • Our Cruise to Pitcairn Island: Joan and Frank Foxwell
  • Another Bounty Voyage: on the Bounty replica in Sydney
  • The story of the Bounty Ring. By Jennifer Toombs
  • Riddle of the Bounty Anchors. By Maurice Allward
  • Mystic Joy and the man from Pitcairn!
  • New Pitcairn stamp issues
  • Communications: Working up for Bounty Bay, part 6
  • Norfolk Notes from Rod Forres, our man on Norfolk Island
  • Miniature Works of Art: The stamp designs of Jennifer Toombs
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The July 2000 edition of The UK Log includes:
  • Pitcairn to stay British
  • Follow up: Telephoning Pitcairn
  • The Postcard Page
  • 20 Years Ago, as reported in 'The Miscellany' July 1980
  • Book review: Norfolk Island. 1855. Waiting for the Pitcairn Islanders. The journal of Thomas Samuel Stewart, edited by Leanne Chambers and Merval Hoare
  • Book review: Mister Christian. The further adventures of Fletcher Christian, the Legendary Leader of the Bounty Mutiny. By William Kinsolving
  • A Brief History of "The Bounty" (1984) by Tim Axon with illustrations and photographs by Stephen Walters
  • Miniature Works of Art: The Pitcairn designs of Jennifer Toombs
  • Communications: Bounty Boys. By Graham Ford
  • Visit to History. Maurice Allward recounts his visit, with his wife Joy, to Norfolk Island in April 1999
  • PIPCO: The Pitcairn Island Producers Co-Operative
  • Musings: An inquiring viewpoint on Pitcairn philately. By Paul Burnett
  • Building the Bounty. Progress report four by Maurice Allward
  • Stamp Show 2000 report by Graham Ford
  • New Pitcairn stamp issues