Heiva Te Tūpuna Vahine Bounty – The Songbook
By Jacqui Teio Chapman and Sonya Shone
Illustrated by Lucas Kukler
"A 250 page Song-Book of Traditional and Contemporary music, transcribed, written down and arranged in Sibelius format for guitar, ukulele, piano and voice covering all 16 tracks of the CD of the same name. The work is a musical tribute to the Tahitian Women of the Bounty and both the CD and Song-Book present a very enjoyable Tahitian musical concert for all ages."

Several years in the making (involving research, musical-dictation, transcription, arrangements and teachers’ notes on tapa making, traditional musical instruments, and drumming) the Songbook (with backing tracks) is a companion work providing the written music for the 16 tracks of the CD (available separately).

These works have been taught at and are now included in the “Norfolk Island Studies” programme of the Norfolk Island Central School under the Australian NSW Department of Education and are available in the Pitcairn Island Library and Museum as well as globally through the SOUNZ website. https://www.sounz.org.nz/ (enter “Heiva” in the SOUNZ search box).

The production of this unique Tahitian Concert has been realised through a special musical collaboration between Jacqui Teio Chapman, her daughter Sonya Shone and Polynesian knowledge holder and lead musician Ma’ara Maeva with an ensemble of talented Tahitian/Cook Island musicians and singers working with Tongan/Kiwi recording engineer Christian Mausia.(8) Each Tahitian song has sheetmusic arrangements for piano, vocals, ukulele and guitar and includes the English translations.
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Available from Wheelers Books in self-published paperback.

Heiva Te Tūpuna Vahine Bounty – The Songbook
ISMN 979-0801 307033 (National Library of New Zealand)
ISBN 979-0801 307033
Paperback A$68.99
The audio tracks are available as an MP3 download from Amazon, price £7.99. Brief extracts are also available on the Amazon page to listen to.