Fletcher Christian Bounty Mutineer:
His Life. His Fate. The Repercussions
By Glynn Christian
Glynn Christian has revised and re-titled his book Fragile Paradise.

Glynn writes that it is "still the only biography of Fletcher Christian, this revised edition includes startling details of the brutal bullied lives of Tahitian women, explaining why they readily sailed on Bounty and then fought bloodily to protect their children on Pitcairn Island and became the first women in the world to have the vote, a direct result of Fletcher Christian's revolutionary social ideals. Fletcher Christian Bounty Mutineer is a South Seas saga that proves fact is more fascinating than fiction".
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Available as an Amazon Kindle eBook or Amazon print-to-order paperback.

Fletcher Christian Bounty Mutineer
Self-published by Glynn Christian on Amazon
ISBN 978-1916298415
Paperback £11.76 (Amazon)
Kindle eBook £3.80