The Chairman's Letter
by Austin Meares

As published in the July 2010 magazine

As I write this letter at the end of May, our memorable Spring meeting has come and gone. Likewise, the London 2010 International Stamp Exhibition has finished and will not be held in this country for another ten years. Both events were a tour de force and those of you who were able to come to London will have had an enjoyable time.

At the 8th May PISG Meeting, we welcomed a number of visitors from PISG USA, namely Ted Cookson (Vice President), his wife Barbara Stein, and Steve Pendleton (Director). Because of distance, few opportunities exist to meet our American partners and it was a great pleasure that they joined us that day. Their visit has helped to strengthen the relationship between our two Groups which can only be beneficial for the future.

At the morning session on 8th May, our President, Jennifer Toombs gave us an illustrated presentation on her designs for the 2009 Pitcairn stamp issue commemorating the Bicentenary of the birth of Charles Darwin. It was a great privilege to see Jennifer’s remarkable artwork for this issue and to learn how she went about the design for each value. One can now appreciate better the enormous amount of work that goes into producing these miniature works of art.

Jennifer’s talk was complimented by the second speaker of the day, namely Rob van der Nol (member from Holland) who provided a talk on “Toombsiana” which was well received by members. Rob has had a keen interest in the stamp designs of Jennifer Toombs stretching back for many years and this was reinforced during his excellent talk.

After lunch, under the banner of ”Pitcairn Memories”, Graham Ford introduced a presentation by members of the first PISG (UK) Group to visit Pitcairn Island, in August 2009, a visit made possible by Dr Michael Brooke (life member) who was leading an expedition to nearby Henderson Island. Graham, along with other members who went, namely Jo Magne, Paul Burnett, Alan Fillmore, Joe Jablonski and Peter Seaman each gave a vivid account of some of the memorable aspects of the expedition which took them to Los Angeles and Tahiti as well as to Pitcairn. Some can only dream of visiting Pitcairn but David Ransom’s excellent “Pitcairn Expedition Special” of the UK Log affords a remarkable account of the expedition with excellent full colour photography - a wonderful souvenir to be cherished by all our members for years to come.

A very successful meeting was concluded by a live auction conducted by our auctioneer John Smith who took us through one of the most exciting auctions we have experienced for a few years.

I wish all members a pleasant summer and look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at our Autumn meeting on 2nd October 2010.


Austin Meares

Number 41 • July 2010