Own The Bounty / UK

Own the entire run of PNI Society’s UK Log on a single DVD!  The PNI Society DVD contains all semi-annual issues in PDF format from 1991 up to, and including the July 2012 magazine, plus two bonus monographs, Shipwrecked on Pitcairn by Bob Hearn (2001) and The Forgotten Bligh by Madge Darby (2004).

Copies are available from David Sleep, Secretary of the Pitcairn and Norfolk Islands Society, UK.

Please email him for further details and price.

Similarly, own the entire run of PISG’s The Pitcairn Log on a single DVD!  The PISG DVD contains all quarterly issues in PDF format from 1973 through October 2011 plus three out-of-print PISG monographs:  Pitcairn Postal History 1914 to 1927 by Wilfred Bloom (1984); The Pitcairn Islands Radio Station and its Postal History by Taffy Hook (1992); and The Pitcairn Anthology by Everett Parker (1998).  Also included are William Volk’s 1998 index to the first 100 issues of The Pitcairn Log and a bonus monograph, Pitcairn Island Nineteenth Century Mail, by Stephen Pendleton (2008).

A free installation CD with search software is sent with each DVD. The search software runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 (both 64-bit and 32-bit). However, the PDFs of all documents can be viewed using Adobe Reader on any operating system.